Phosgene Technology

Phosgene Generation and Phosgenation

Phosgene a highly reactive gas mainly used in the area of Isocyanates and Polycarbonate but as well in the fine and pharmaceutical industry for selective PROCESSES.

BUSS ChemTech AG services cover:

  • The phosgene generation from 200 kg/h up to currently 13'000 kg/h starting from CO and CL2
  • The phosgene generation for small users using Triphosgene together with a special catalyst
  • Phosgenation technologies in specific applications
  • Full development services with own laboratory and pilot plants including the full scale-up services well-known in reaction technology.

Foto 3D Specimen Phosgene Technology

Our success is based on

  1. Our experienced chemists, process and technology experts
  2. Our three in-house pilot plants and a state-of-the-art laboratory
  3. Our process guarantees in respect of product quality, yield as well as consumption figures for all industrial realised plants
  4. Our commitment to confidentiality, whenever we work together with our clients and as the most important element
  5. Our clients who give us their confidence.