Abu Dhabi orders World's Largest Aluminium Fluoride Plant

written at 05.11.2008
A Milestone in BUSS ChemTech's history - the world's largest Aluminium Fluoride Plant.

Abu Dhabi orders World's largest Aluminium Fluoride Plant

A further milestone has been reached in the recent history of BUSS ChemTech AG.  Following intensive study and negotiation the Pratteln company has been awarded a contract to build the world’s largest aluminium fluoride plant in Abu Dhabi.  

The contract for the plant complex was signed with Gulf Fluor L.L.C. of Abu Dhabi during October, 2008. The time from project start to contract signature took over two years during which market investigation and engineering studies were carried out.

For this contract in Abu Dhabi Buss ChemTech AG will execute engineering, purchase equipment and materials for the plant and supervise the construction of the plant.

The commissioning of the plant and training of the client’s staff will also be carried out by Buss Chemtech AG. Within the next twelve months a project team of twenty will work on the engineering. External engineering capacity will also be called on to expand the team where required to execute the project.

In this plant, the world’s largest; a capacity of 60,000 metric tonnes per year of aluminium fluoride will be produced. In addition to the production of aluminium fluoride for the aluminium industry the plant will produce 10,000 metric tonnes per year of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid which is the raw material for a series of downstream fluorine chemical derivatives. This process technology has been developed by Buss ChemTech AG. The plant meets all standards required world-wide regarding environmental protection.

The by-product calcium sulphate (anhydrite) produced in the hydrogen fluoride reaction is neutralised and will be prepared for use in the building industry as raw material for floor screeding and making building blocks. The plant complex will be commissioned in 2011. 

Buss ChemTech AG was founded in 1997 and has made a good name for itself regarding demanding chemical technologies. Buss ChemTech AG develops technologies for the aluminium, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In the wholly owned, well equipped Development Centre, new processes are developed for Buss ChemTech AG and also for third parties on a contract basis. In this way guarantees can be provided on the basis of solid work and clients are offered a high level of security and low risk.

At present, the company employs a staff of around 60 persons.

Further information on the company can be obtained at www.buss-ct.com.     

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