Japan: Phosgene Generator for a Global Speciality Chemical Company

written at 22.03.2010
A global acting Japanese chemical Company has chosen our "phosgene on demand Technology" for its unique ability.

JAPAN: Phosgene Generator for a Global Speciality Chemical Company

A global acting Japanese chemical company has chosen our "phosgene on demand technology" for its unique ability to generate phosgene at a rate to match consumers' demands. The plant consists of a phosgene generator Type G 600, supplied as skid mounted module. The complete plant will be delivered and put in operation mid 2011 and will supply gaseous phosgene to numerous down stream plants.

BCT has over twenty years of experience in safe and economised production of phosgene on demand which includes full process and performance guarantees. Phosgene generators have been built for capacities up to 12’500 kg/h and can operate between 10 and 100% of their nominal capacity.

All these technologies allow a safe phosgenation without liquefying and/or storing of hazardous phosgene using only a minimum phosgene inventory.

Japan is one of the leading countries concerning safety-standards. It is not surprising that BCT was the first choice of the customer when the actual over-the-fence supplier of phosgene announced to stop the delivery to a leading chemical company. The company immediately contacted BUSS ChemTech and signed a contract for the delivery of a modular plant for the dynamic production of 600 kg/h phosgene gas including the automation of the devices for various down stream suppliers.

The module will be constructed and mounted in Switzerland. After the delivery to Japan it will be re-erected and commissioned mid 2011.

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