South Korea: A further Alkoxylation Plant for HONAM

written at 01.01.2011
Again a new Alkoxylation Plant with the BUSS ChemTech Alkoxylation Technology in operation.

SOUTH KOREA: (HPC) Honam Petrochemicals Corp. with a further Alkoxylation Plant

Again a new ALKOXYLATION plant with the BCT Alkoxylation Technology in Operation.

HONAM PETROCHEMICALS CORP. one of the leading suppliers of Ethoxylates and Propoxylates to the global surfactants market has started up their third BCT multi purpose Alkoxylation plant specially designed for products with extreme growth ratios such as PEG’s and MPEG’s etc..


This plant consists of:

  • Two double BCT Loop Reactor for highest growth ratios
  • One single BCT Loop Reactor for standard products.
  • Pre-and post-treatment equipments to maximise efficiency.

Foto of HONAM Alkoxylation Plant

This compact plant design provides a highly efficient production and ensures the constant success and competitiveness of our client.


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