Molecule of the Month January 2019

written at 22.01.2019
Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin (HHCRs or water-white resins) plants supplied by Buss ChemTech AG

Molecule of the Month


Date:               January 2019

Subject:          Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins (HHCR’s or water-white resins)

Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins (HHCR’s), also known as “water white resins”, provide distinct advantages over their non-hydrogenated counterparts: they are colorless, odorless and more thermally stable. This makes them ideal for product applications with discerning consumers. One major application is as a tackifier for hot-melt adhesives used in baby and adult diapers as well as feminine care products. Another major application is for high-end packaging adhesives.

These colorless, transparent resins are produced by the catalytic hydrogenation of polymerized DCPD, C5 and/or C9 resins, most typically on a continuous basis. It is a demanding high pressure, high temperature process. And with a wide selection of raw materials and degrees of hydrogenation to fit a particular application, experience is paramount.

Chemical Formula of DCPD

BUSS ChemTech has supplied the design and key equipment for many water-white resin plants over the last decade and its technology accounts for approximately one third of worldwide production. More recently, we have expanded our technology to include the thermal and catalytic polymerization of the hydrocarbon resin monomers to be able to offer our clients a complete raw material to product package.

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