Switzerland: Support for Special Olympics

written at 03.06.2019
We recently became supporters of Special Olympics Switzerland.


We are proud to announce that we recently became supporters of Special Olympics Switzerland, an organization that helps to improve conditions that affect impaired athletes in their personal and athletic development.

With our donation to Special Olympics Switzerland, we wanted to first and foremost pay tribute to the athletes. But we also wanted to point out the (obvious) parallels between sport and business:  the competition that is faced, having to choose amongst various opportunities, the risks that have to be taken, following role models that set good examples, and of course the pursuit of performance improvement. But one thing that business must not forget and what they can learn from the Special Olympic Athletes: fairness and having fun at what you do.

We admire all participants of the Special Olympics – athletes and volunteers alike - and believe that we all can learn something from them and from the Special Olympics code of conduct. And we are convinced that each one of us can play a part in supporting the athletes all the while seeing them as role models. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or as donor, click the following link to find the Special Olympics program near you: https://www.specialolympics.org/programs