Switzerland: Buss ChemTech fosters scientific education 2021

written at 01.10.2021
Graduations at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz with honouring of Best Diploma in Life Sciences 2021.

Buss ChemTech fosters scientific education


Each year during the graduation ceremony at the University of Applied Science of Northwest Switzerland’s (FHNS) School of Life Sciences, the graduating Master student with the best overall grades receives the “Buss ChemTech Prize”.

This year’s prize winner, Mrs Sabrina Zgraggen, convinced the jury with her thesis "Exploratory data analysis for workflow improvements on fully automated molecular diagnostic systems" with a mark of 5.8 for her thesis and the best overall mark of 5.6.

Buss ChemTech feels it is of great importance that our universities train scientists at the highest level for future employment in the chemical process industries. We are proud to support this effort by sponsoring a young scientist with this annual award and congratulate Mrs Zgraggen for her achievement.

In the photo, Mr Markus Hasenböhler, head of Buss ChemTech’s laboratory facilities, presents the prize to the deserving winner.


M. Hasenböhler/Head of Laboratory handing over the Prize to S. Zgraggen