Customer Service (spare parts and services)

To fully support our Anode Paste technologies, BUSS ChemTech AG has a customer service that provides our clients globally with maximum operational benefits and optimum cost effectiveness. We are the sole providers of the genuine wear and spare parts for our proprietary equipment, the Buss Kneader. We have developed wear parts with extended life span (2 up to 3 times) which offer a substantial cost advantage.

The services of Buss ChemTech AG encompass conversions and revisions (gear boxes, shafts, …) of our equipment, as well as optimisation of plant sections and compete plants.

For all enquiries regarding aluminium technology, please contact us.

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Your contact during office hours:        e-mail:

                                                                 Phone:  +41 - (0)61 - 8256 462

                                                                 Fax:       +41 - (0)61 - 8256 737

Our Original Parts guarantee that:

Our Comprehensive Support Services include:

  • They are specifically made to the original design.
  • They will fit the equipment and are easily and rapidly installed.
  • There is no risk of damaging the equipment, or interrupting production.
  • There is no risk of damaging downstream equipment.
  • There is no risk of interfering with operating parameters or paste quality.
  • Our spare parts are available at all times from stock.
  • Highly skilled staff, familiar with the equipment and the requirements of our clients.
  • Back-up design and plant operation expertise.
  • Installation and repair work on site.
  • Modernisation and retrofitting of production systems.
  • Optimization of production performance.
  • Production support and training of the local plant operation adn maintenance staff.