Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid

  • from Fluorspar

Plants have been supplied in the range 10,000 to 55,000 MTPY to operate with one process line to provide a high yield of hydrofluoric acid with efficient raw materials consumption. A high plant availability of 320-330 operating days per year is achieved and annual maintenance amounts to 4% of initial capital investment.

Product hydrofluoric acid is tailored to meet your requirements. Anhydrite, the calcium sulphate by-product, is sold to the building industry and cement industry.

The Prereactor is a special feature of our process technology. It is used for the initial reaction between fluorspar and sulphuric acid and it is such an efficient mixer with a high conversion rate that it is possible to use essentially the stoichiometric ratio of sulphuric acid to fluorspar. This allows a lower temperature range in the rotary kiln and therefore the rate of corrosion is considerably reduced. This achieves long operating campaigns for the plant and results in major savings in operating costs.

Foto Fluorine Production ICI UK


  • from Fluorosilicic Acid

Our process for the manufacture of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid from fluorosilicic acid and sulphuric acid combines the design knowledge and operating experience of Buss ChemTech AG

This technology uses fluorosilicic acid as a raw material. Fluorosilicic acid is produced in significant quantities as a waste product during conversion of apatite to phosphoric acid and unless it is utilised or neutralised, the potential for serious pollution and environmental damage is high.

With this technology, plant capacities up to 30,000 MTPY can be built in one process line. Our technology provides a high yield of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid with efficient raw materials consumption and cost. A high plant availability of 330 days per year can be achieved.

Product hydrofluoric acid is tailored optimally to meet your requirements. Sulphuric acid, used as a catalyst in the process, is recycled to the fertiliser plant. A comprehensive environmental protection design ensures maximum safety and protection for both personnel and environment.

Foto Capacity 10'000 MTPY; Fujian Wengfu Lantian, PR China