BCT Pitch Melting Plant (PMP)

The key to our unique and proprietary BCT Pitch Melting Technology is the dynamic melting process. Solid pitch is melted by whirling hot liquid pitch. We offer a fully automated and continuous BCT Pitch Melting Plant. Our scope begins with a fully automated Big Bag unloading station and extends to final storage, which includes a flexible distribution system for individual charging of various tanks and dispatch solutions. The advanced control system allows direct blending of different pitch qualities. This process is fully enclosed and equipped with an environmentally friendly fume treatment system.


  • Very low maintenance costs
  • High process availability
BCT Pitch Melting Plant BCT Pitch Melting Plant (conceptual visualization)

BCT Pitch Melting Plant

The HTM heated melting tank is designed to maintain proper pitch temperature. No additional energy input in the melting tank is necessary sono heating coils, stirrers or other mechanical devices are in contact with the liquid pitch. The energy input required to liquefy the solid pitch is transferred through a circulating external loop, which is equipped with a heat exchanger. This system is designed to provide the proper flow of pitch and avoids any coking effects. The system operates at controlled temperature and prevents cracking and degradation.

Our technology allows the process to operate at the lowest possible temperatures without glazed pitch impurity accumulation in the melting tank and therefore with significantly less maintenance . This technology guarantees the availability of the plant operation for years without downtime.

Your main benefits

  • No overheated surfaces / pitch degradation
  • Environmentally friendly due to enclosed system
  • Very low maintenance costs (maintenance can be performed during operation)
  • Easily extendable due to modular concept
  • No exposed heating coils ensuring no glazed pitch impurity accumulation
  • Constant pitch quality
  • Flexible and easily adjustable melting capacity
  • High guaranteed plant availability
  • Low operating labour requirements