Buss ChemTech AG is a spin-off of the former Buss AG and its technology and competence are based on a long history and tradition.

Buss ChemTech AG is now proud to be part of Desmet Ballestra Group and will continue to deliver services and products of the highest quality.


1884 Albert Buss founded a steel structure company.
1901 Incorporation of A. Buss & Cie. AG.
1919 The company started its chemical plant engineering for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Basle.
1920 A. Buss & Cie. AG established its first international sales organization.
1948 The first machine to the food industry was sold.
1950 The first loop reactor was sold.
1979 Buss AG became part of the +GF+ Georg Fischer Group in Schaffhausen.
1998 +GF+ decided to sell Buss AG and split the company into four different entities. We became Buss Chemical Process Systems AG (Buss CPS AG) and were sold to Kvaerner.
1999 We changed the name to Kvaerner Process Technology (Switzerland) AG, a sister company of Kvaerner Process Technology Ltd in London.
2001 Yukos became the new owner of the two Technology companies and they changed the name to Davy Process Technology (Switzerland) AG respectively Davy Process Technology Ltd.
2006 Yukos was broken up and the management of the Swiss entity got the chance for a management buy-out.
2006 On the occasion of the management buy-out we changed our name to Buss ChemTech AG.
2011 Buss ChemTech AG becomes member of KRESTA industries, a privately-owned engineering company located in Austria.
2016 The Management and private investors buy back 100% of Buss ChemTech shares from Kresta industries.
2021 Desmet Ballestra Group purchases all the shares of Buss ChemTech AG in May 2021.