In the majority of cases, catalytic hydrogenations are mass transfer limited reactions. The BCT-Loop Reactor is the perfect tool to optimize such reactions.

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  • shorter reaction time / lower temperature / lower pressure
  • higher selectivity / higher yield
  • lower catalyst consumption
  • reduced solvent load


The BCT-Loop Reactor is equipped with an individually designed reaction mixer. With this feature we actively maximise the surface area between the gaseous and liquid phase, which is the main parameter of each mass transfer limited reaction, independently from the size of a reactor.

Even in reactors with volumes up to 65 m3 and more, the size of the gas bubble remains in micrometer scale.

The intensive, homogeneous gas/liquid dispersion is distributed, in the whole reactor system which includes the loop lines, pump and heat exchanger.

BCT’s very reliable special reaction pump feeds up to 30% gas, besides the e.g. solid catalyst, and is designed for heavy duty, long-life cycle and trouble-free operation.

The reaction heat, especially in very exothermic reactions, is smoothly removed by the independent heat exchanger design which has no restrictions in size/ heat removal capacities.

The advantages of a BCT-Loop Reactor have been proven for over 800 different reactions in more than 300 industrial plants.

Proven in numerous industrial plants for: 

  • Amines from aliphatic and aromatic nitro-compounds
  • Syntheses of sugar alcohols from sugars (Xylitol, Lactitol, Sorbitol)
  • Amines from nitriles
  • Double and triple bond hydrogenation
  • Aromatic ring hydrogenation
  • And any other hydrogenation you may have in mind

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