In-Situ Removal of By-Products

The BCT Loop Reactor allows shifting the equilibrium of a reaction towards the product side by removing by-products out of the gas phase (e.g. water, hydrogen chloride) during the reaction. In such case the gas circuit will be equipped with a condenser and/or absorber which will operate without any additional compressor, pump or other gas handling system.

Overcoming the equilibrium limitations


With the possibility to remove side products with the gas phase, the BCT Loop Reactor demonstrates a further advantage compared to stirred reactors. This feature increases the efficiency of the system by eliminating an independent separation step during the production. It intensifies the main reaction in shifting the reaction equilibrium towards the product side, cutting down reaction time and catalyst consumption which all together reduces operational costs significantly.


Industrial References I

Manufacture of pure monochloroacetic acid (MCAA) through hydrogenation of dichloroacetic acid (DCAA) with in-situ removal of HCl

  BCT Loop Reactor without gas circuit BCT Loop Reactor with gas circuit in-situ removal of HCl
Reaction time [h] 4 2
DCAA [wt%] 0.5

≤  0.02


Industrial References II

In-situ removal of methanol during the alkylation of polyether alcohols (PEOH)

PEOH + CH3ONa → PEONa + CH3OH  (1st step)

PEONa + CH3Cl  → PEOCH3 + NaCl   (2nd step)

Side reaction: CH3ONa + CH3Cl → CH3OCH3 + NaCl

  Cascade of stirred reactors with distillation units BCT Loop Reactor with gas circuit In-situ removal of methanol
CH3ONa power (Hazardous handling) in methanolic solution
CH3ONa excess 30 - 50 % 10 - 20 %
CH3Cl excess 30 - 50 % 10 - 20 %
Conversion 80 - 90 % 90 - 100 %
Total batch cycle time 10 h 4 - 5 h


In the BCT Loop Reactor, the formation of the by-product CH3OCH3 in the gas-phase is up to 60 % lower in comparison to the STR cascade.

Additional industrial experience

  • Reductive amination of fatty alcohols
  • Production of secondary amine
  • All kinds of other reactions which have equilibrium limitations (Le Chatelier's principle).

Benefits of In-situ removal of By-products using the BCT Loop Reactor Technology

  • One reactor, no cascade
  • Two reactions in one BCT Loop Reactor
  • Shorter Reaction Time
  • Reduced catalyst Consumption
  • Higher conversion
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower investment cost