Phosgene Generation

Phosgene is a sensitive gas, which should not be stored whenever possible. Buss ChemTech AG offers a system allowing the user to produce exactly as much as required during a chemical reaction. Therefore no storage and no liquefaction are necessary.

Industrial application

Foto Skid Mounted System Phosgene

For the industrial application we offer generators with capacities starting from 200 kg/h up to 13'000 kg/h. The generators show their performance in the range of 10 % up to 100 % of their name plate capacity. Further the plant can serve as many consumers as required. This high flexibility is one of the many outstanding attributes of the technology.
For clients who do not already have a safety absorption system satisfying our high safety standard we offer such absorption system together with the generator.

Safety First

The safety of such a system is mandatory to find acceptance on the international market. Therefore the generator has a triple safety concept. The generator is (a) in a closed containment under a small negative-pressure. The Containment is (b) flushed by air, which is monitored for traces of phosgene in a continuous manner. The air itself has to pass (c) a washing tower which would neutralise the phosgene in case of any leakages in the system. For emergency cases of any kind the plant shuts down automatically without interrupting the air flushing system.
Due to this elaborate safety system such plants got operation permits by the authorities although placed close to residential areas.


The catalyst has a high impact on the economics of any phosgene generator as its performance has a direct relation to the CO consumption and on the CCl4 content in phosgene. Both can be minimised with our IPC catalyst which we offer our clients under license. With this catalyst you can operate your plant with a CO excess of not more than 2 vol-% which represents a saving potential of approx. 60,000 $/y for a 10 t/h plant.