Phosgene Technology

Phosgene Generation and Phosgenation

Phosgene a highly reactive gas mainly used in the area of Isocyanates and Polycarbonate but as well in the fine and pharmaceutical industry for selective PROCESSES.

BUSS ChemTech AG services cover:

  • The phosgene generation from 200 kg/h up to currently 13'000 kg/h starting from CO and CL2
  • Phosgenation technologies in specific applications
  • Modular constructed and skid-mounted Phosgenation units - a one-stop-service!
  • Full development services with own laboratory and pilot plants including the full scale-up services well-known in reaction technology.

    Foto 3D Specimen Phosgene Technology

Our success is based on

  1. Our experienced chemists, process and technology experts
  2. Our three in-house pilot plants and a state-of-the-art laboratory
  3. Our process guarantees in respect of product quality, yield as well as consumption figures for all industrial realised plants
  4. Our commitment to confidentiality, whenever we work together with our clients and as the most important element
  5. Our clients who give us their confidence.


Skid-based or Modular Systems

Since the early 1950’s, BUSS ChemTech has been known for its technology packages and plant designs. Less known is our capability to design and build modular and skid-based systems when required, as is for the case when “critical” chemistries are involved and putting the design and manufacturing responsibilities in one hand makes sense.

One specific example – shown in the video – is for a phosgenation reaction where phosgene gas is reacted with an alcohol to produce a chloroformate. Phosgene is a very useful organic reagent but also quite toxic. Thus, it made sense to combine Buss ChemTech’s process design and equipment engineering capabilities with its familiarity with phosgene reactions and its safe handling. An additional process step – combining the chloroformate with an amine to produce the desired carbamate, is included in the modular unit.

The capability to deliver such a plant begins with the ability to run experiments on the chemistries involved. BUSS ChemTech’s highly skilled chemists and development engineers can put their experience to work in our Technical Center - unique in the industry - which includes lab- and pilot-scale equipment that can handle such critical chemistries as phosgenations. This capability continues with our experienced engineering staff, who design the plant around the chemical process developed in the test center.

So if your company is looking for a modular or skid-based solution for its critical chemistry of the highest quality, delivered on-time to anywhere in the world, give us a call.