Process Development and Optimization

Time to market is a key factor for success. Internal optimisation processes are often time-consuming and focussed on the own experience only. Buss ChemTech, as independent development centre, has a wider approach and can significantly shorten your development time. We develop for you the most economical and efficient way to produce your products and guarantee you the results you will reach in your industrial plant. We minimise your risks and give you best value for money.

Buss ChemTech AG designs not only plants, it operates 3 pilot plants and an own laboratory focussed on reaction technology and process analytics. Together with its analytical capabilities they build the basis for our success. Our development process is based on the model below. Depending how far you are with your development process we start our work at any point of the process.

Your added value

Within one to two weeks we normally define all necessary parameters to design an industrial plant with full guarantees on performance. That means product quality, yield and consumption figures. This allows you to verify the profitability of your process in a very short time by an independent third party which even guarantees you the result. This provides you with a certainty you normally do not have.

Grafic showing Development Process

We have successfully optimised more than 1'000 reactions in the chemical industry.

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Our full-service offers the direct route to your goal. You get everything you need from a single source and can focus on your core competence. An efficient way to save precious time and money.


Foto BCT Laboratory Foto Laboratory rear part

The main focus in our laboratory work covers:

  • Catalyst screening
  • Gas/liquid reactions in laboratory scale (Small scale synthesis)
  • Reactions with corrosive compounds
  • High pressure reactions in batch and continuous mode
  • Separation (filtration, distillation, drying)
  • Phosgenation
  • Development of analytical methods

The results will later be confirmed in our pilot plants which are also the basis for the performance guarantee we offer you for your industrial plant.

Pilot Plant Facilities

Foto Pilot Plant


Buss ChemTech has three pilot plants in operation including pre-/post-treatment, filtration, separation facilities.

Foto Pilot Plant SR 15 Foto Pilot Plant SR 15
SRM - 15  
Working Volume 15 lt
Max. operating pressure 50 barg
Max. operating temperature 220 °C
Material of construction Hastelloy C-200
Suitable processes

Corrosive Compounds


Foto Pilot Plant SR 50 Foto Pilot Plant SR 50
SR - 50  
Working volume 50 lt
Max. operating pressure 100 barg
Max. operating temperature 275 °C
Material of construction 1.4571


Foto Pilot Plant APR15 Foto Pilot Plant APR15
APR - 15  
Working volume 15 lt
Max. operating pressure 0.5 barg
Max. operating temperature -20 - +180 °C
Material of construction Glass, PTFE


The APR-15 unit is located in a closed and purged containment which allows us to run high toxic reactions like phosgenation.

Filtration Systems

  • for continuous operation we use line filters of different materials
  • for batch operations we work with several different types of batch filters

Analytical Services

To support our laboratory and pilot work we have a well-equipped analytical laboratory which allows us to analyse the results of our work continuously. We work with the following main tools:

  • Gas-Chromatography (GC)
  • High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Real-time Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Photometry
  • Standard analytics like titration, sieve analysis etc.