Catalytic gas-liquid reactions

Buss ChemTech AG built up its reputation in reaction technology with their Buss Loop® reactor which was first sold in 1950. The company has continuously updated the system and enlarged their know-how. Today they offer a wide range of services around the Buss Loop® reactor such as...

  • Process optimisation of existing reactions with the target of maximising the yield of a reaction, the quality of the final product and/or minimise the production costs for their clients
  • Process development - for or in collaboration with the client - with the same targets as mentioned above in a much shorter time than clients generally invest (more than 800 reactions since 1950)
  • Catalyst screening including certain proprietary catalyst selling
  • Scaling up to industrial scale with full process and performance guarantee
  • Full package of engineering services as requested by clients

All these services should result in a tailor-made industrial Buss Loop® reactor, which can be a classical batch reactor system, a semi-batch or a continuous Buss Loop® reactor with an integrated inline filter system.

Foto RT Reference Plant