REFERENCE Aluminium Fluoride

written on 01.01.2002
40'000 MTPY Aluminium Fluoride; Outokumpu Norzink AS, Noralf Division, Odda, Norway

Aluminium Fluoride


Outokumpu Norzink AS, Noralf Division, Eitrheim, Odda, Norway

Plant Capacity:

40,000 MTPY Aluminium Fluoride 



Scope of Work:

Licence and Basic engineering, plant capacity increase project.

Project Description:

Expansion to 40,000 MTPY. Revamp.

Key Features:

  • Optimization of the heat transfer and reactivity in the HF Reactor
  • De-bottlenecking existing Aluminium Fluoride process


Foto 40'000 MTPY Aluminium Fluoride Plant, Outokumpu, Noralf Div., Odda, NO