Switzerland: High Ranking Visit from China at Buss ChemTech in Pratteln

written on 15 January 2019
Switzerland: High Ranking Visit from China at Buss ChemTech in Pratteln

Switzerland: Buss ChemTech fosters scientific education

written on 18 November 2018
Graduations at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz with honouring of Best Diploma in Life Sciences, Environmental Technology, 2018

India: Successfully Integrating Third-Party Process Technology

written on 24 October 2018
Presentation at the ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference 18.10.2018

Germany: Resin Hydrogenation Plant Engineering and Technology by Buss ChemTech AG

written on 28 August 2018
Press Release of RAIN CARBON: Start of the construction phase of the new continuous resin hydrogenation plant of Rain Carbon Inc. - Engineering and Technology by Buss ChemTech AG

Switzerland: Application for microbial fermentation and comparison of ELR with a STR

written on 22 February 2018
Abstract: The ejector loop reactor Due to its better mass transfer characteristics, the ELR Ejector Loop Reactor was expected to have beneficial effects on biomass and recombinant protein production......

Switzerland: Production of HF from H2SiF6

written on 01 April 2016
Paper: Production of HF from H2SiF6 Description of the process to produce hydrofluoric acid and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid from FSA.

Abu Dhabi: World's Largest Single Line AHF/AlF3 Plant

written on 28 September 2015
Power Point Presentation of Olivier Ruffiner, Sales Manager Fluorine

Switzerland: Introduction of a new BCT Paste Kneading Tooth with improved wear protection

written on 04 September 2015
BCT introducing a new Paste Kneading Tooth!

Kazakhstan: The newest BCT Green Anode Plant

written on 27 October 2014
Video of the new BCT Green Anode Plant. Video of the LAEIS press, an integral part of BCT's Green Anode Plant.

France - Switzerland: BCT signs agreement with ERAS Ingénierie

written on 22 September 2014
On 2nd September, 2014 BCT and Eras Ingénierie, signed an agreement in Lyon, France regarding sales and marketing cooperation.

Singapore: Ethoxylation Technology from Buss ChemTech

written on 06 June 2014
May 16, 2014 – Royal Dutch Shell employs ethoxylation technology from Buss ChemTech

Netherlands: Ethoxylation Plant for Maschem B.V.

written on 22 May 2013
A further Milestone in BUSS ChemTech's Loop Reactor success Story.

Poland: PCC Exol SA starts up their latest Alkoxylation Plant

written on 10 August 2011
Again a new Alkoxylation Plant with the BCT Alkoxylation Technology in Operation.

South Korea: A further Alkoxylation Plant for HONAM

written on 01 January 2011
Again a new Alkoxylation Plant with the BUSS ChemTech Alkoxylation Technology in operation.

BCT Pratteln New Office Design

written on 25 October 2010
In April 2010, BUSS ChemTech AG moved into new Office space of the latest design.

India: Aarti Conti MultiPurp Hydrogenation

written on 11 October 2010
Today one of the leading suppliers to global manufacturers of dyes, pigments, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and rubber chemicals has put its first continuous hydrogenation multi purpose BUSS ChemTech Loop Reactor in Operation.

China Plant for complex primary and tertiary amines

written on 07 September 2010
The Chinese affiliates of a global acting Oleochemical Company have signed contracts with BUSS ChemTech AG to engineer their new platn complex to produce Primary and tertiary amines.

Wengfu China

written on 08 June 2010
BCT promotes the sale of the full package of own and Wengfu's Technologies!

Taiwan: Alkoxylation Plant for OUCC

written on 13 April 2010
OUCC decided to build an Ethylene Oxide Derivatives (EOD) plant based on the proven and patented BUSS ChemTech Technology.

Japan: Phosgene Generator for a Global Speciality Chemical Company

written on 22 March 2010
A global acting Japanese chemical Company has chosen our "phosgene on demand Technology" for its unique ability.

KAS Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter News

written on 04 March 2009
JSC Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter have chosen BCT as the Technology Provider for their new Carbon Plant in Pavlodar.

Abu Dhabi orders World's Largest Aluminium Fluoride Plant

written on 05 November 2008
A Milestone in BUSS ChemTech's history - the world's largest Aluminium Fluoride Plant.