Switzerland: Covid-19 information

written on 17 March 2020
Buss ChemTech remains open during Corona crisis.

Switzerland: Success Story Water White Hydrocarbon Resins

written on 31 October 2019
Success Story: Continuous Hydrogenation in the Buss Loop Reactor

Molecule of the Month October 2019

written on 10 October 2019

Switzerland: BCT Member of Sino-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

written on 04 October 2019
BCT is pleased to announce the membership of Sino-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Molecule of the Month July 2019

written on 29 July 2019
N,N-Dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA)

Molecule of the Month June 2019

written on 30 June 2019

China: Hydrocarbon Resin Event

written on 18 June 2019
Hydrocarbon Resin Hydrogenation and Catalyste Technology Seminar in China

Switzerland: Support for Special Olympics

written on 03 June 2019
We recently became supporters of Special Olympics Switzerland.

Molecule of the Month May 2019

written on 29 May 2019
Sucralose (and other sugar substitutes)

China: Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wengfu 5

written on 06 May 2019
Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wengfu 5, i.e. the 5th plant for converting FSA into AHF.

Molecule of the Month April 2019

written on 30 April 2019
Pure Monochloroacetic Acid