Switzerland: Covid-19 information

written on 17 March 2020
Buss ChemTech remains open during Corona crisis.

Switzerland: Success Story Water White Hydrocarbon Resins

written on 31 October 2019
Success Story: Continuous Hydrogenation in the Buss Loop Reactor

Molecule of the Month October 2019

written on 10 October 2019

Switzerland: BCT Member of Sino-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

written on 04 October 2019
BCT is pleased to announce the membership of Sino-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Molecule of the Month July 2019

written on 29 July 2019
N,N-Dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA)

Molecule of the Month June 2019

written on 30 June 2019

China: Hydrocarbon Resin Event

written on 18 June 2019
Hydrocarbon Resin Hydrogenation and Catalyste Technology Seminar in China