India: Navin Fluorine Advanced Sciences Selects Buss ChemTech’s Hydrogen Fluoride Technology for its New HF Plant in India

written on 21 September 2023
Navin Fluorine Advanced Sciences goes again for Buss ChemTech’s revolutionary Technology!
  • Buss ChemTech’s proven Hydrogen Fluoride production technology will play a crucial role in this strategically important project which will address the growing demand for Fluorochemicals in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and renewable energy.

  • Buss ChemTech has completed more than 30 plants globally based on its proprietary HF production technology from Fluorspar and provided its technology for Navin Fluorine’s first HF plant project in 1968.

Navin Fluorine Advanced Sciences Limited (NFASL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Navin Fluorine International Limited, has selected Buss ChemTech’s Hydrogen Fluoride Production Technology for its new plant to be constructed in Gujarat, India. 

Hydrogen Fluoride will be produced from acid grade Fluorspar. Buss ChemTech’s technology will enable a high yield of Hydrofluoric Acid with efficient raw materials consumption. Hydrofluoric Acid purity will be tailored to meet the challenging requirements of the downstream Fluorine derivatives.

The largest capacity (53’000 metric tons per year) HF production line in the world, built in 2014 in Abu Dhabi, is based on Buss ChemTech’s HF production technology. Buss ChemTech also offers revolutionary technology that enables HF production from a raw material alternative to Fluorspar, i.e. Fluorosilicic Acid which is a by-product of Phosphoric Acid production.


About Buss ChemTech AG

Buss ChemTech is a well-established technology provider located in Pratteln, Switzerland. The company has more than six decades of experience in the field of Fluorine Chemistry including AlF3 and LiPF6. This is in addition to capabilities in various gas-liquid reaction technologies and Phosgenation technology. Buss ChemTech is owned by Ballestra Group, a leading technology provider in the chemicals, detergents, surfactants and in soap industries.