Taiwan: Alkoxylation Plant for OUCC

written at 13.04.2010
OUCC decided to build an Ethylene Oxide Derivatives (EOD) plant based on the proven and patented BUSS ChemTech Technology.

Taiwan: Alkoxylation Plant for OUCC to step into Speciality Chemicals Business

OUCC, the major petrochemical force within the Far Eastern Group, decided to build an ethylene oxide derivatives (EOD) plant at its Lin-Yuan area in Kaohsiung based on the proven and patented BCT Reaction Technology for ethoxylation. Start-up will be end of 2011.

In April 2010 Buss ChemTech AG signed a contract with Oriental Union Chemical Corp. (Far Eastern Group) in Taiwan. The scope of supply is the extended basic engineering, licensing of BCT’s process know-how in alkoxylation and the key equipment for the plant.

Chemical companies in Asia are facing unprecedented raw material costs from the rise in oil prices. In Asian markets there is increased competition from new ethylene glycol (EG) plants in China and the Middle East. In response to these challenges OUCC has developed a multi-pronged strategy involving a series of expansion projects and enhancing its core businesses to maintain a competitive edge in the petrochemical industry.

An important step for OUCC from commodity business to a Speciality Chemical business will be the completion of the Linyuan EOD plant and the launch of numerous new products. The EO which was used in former times by 100% for EG will now be used to produce high quality of high value-added products. The speciality business of OUCC will then rise to 55%-60%.

Since production safety and quality of the products are the key issues of a contemporary EOD plant, the customer was convinced by the inherently safe design of the BCT-Loop and the process technology advantages.

We expect the commissioning of the plant end of 2011. It will be realized in close cooperation with a Taiwanese engineering company.

OUCC has already decided to build further plants with BCT. We understand this decision to be a strong commitment for BCT’s alkoxylation technology.

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