China Plant for complex primary and tertiary amines

written at 07.09.2010
The Chinese affiliates of a global acting Oleochemical Company have signed contracts with BUSS ChemTech AG to engineer their new platn complex to produce Primary and tertiary amines.

China: Amination Plants for a Global Oleochemical Company

The Chinese affiliate of a global acting Oleochemical Company has signed contracts with BCT to engineer their new plant complex to produce primary and tertiary amines. The plant consists of three production units (amination, hydrogenation and reductive amination) for various grades of fatty amines using our BCT Loop Reaction Technology. Commissioning will be early 2012.

In September 2010, Buss ChemTech AG signed a contract for the engineering of a new plant complex to produce primary and tertiary amines in China.

During the contract negotiations the customer did not only realize the advantages of the loop technology versus a stirred reactor, but also appreciated the benefits of the original BCT-Loop in comparison to counterpart for a sustainable solution.

Raw materials for primary amines are natural fatty acids which are converted in a first step to the corresponding nitriles. The BCT-Loop Reactor, including a special designed gas circle, allows the continuous removal of the reaction water and accelerates the reaction (Le Chatelier Principle).

After distillation, the nitrile is transferred to a second Loop Reactor for hydrogenation. The high selectivity of BCTs technology will result in a superior product quality (colour, side products). The quality is guaranteed based on our over 60 years of experience and the continuously improved design of the special BCT-Loop-Reactor.

The plant will be erected in close cooperation with local engineering and constructing partners and will be commissioned beginning 2012.

In addition to the amination plant, some other technologies were discussed and a first decision made to build an additional plant based on a process developed in our pilot plants particularly for this customer.

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