India: Successfully Integrating Third-Party Process Technology

written at 24.10.2018
Presentation at the ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference 18.10.2018

Implementing a third-party technology can pose significant challenges but also bring great rewards – for the client and technology provider alike. How can you ensure that you manage these challenges successfully and realize the rewards in the end?

Thomas Blocher, Business Manager of Reaction Technology at Buss ChemTech, addressed this subject at the 2nd ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference last week in Mumbai, India, using the recent start-up of Dai-Ichi Karkaria’s new state-of-the-art alkoxylation plant as a case study. The resonance generated by Thomas’s speech has shown that this subject concerns many companies in India and worldwide.

In his presentation Thomas addressed the following topics:

  • Navigating India’s financial and regulatory systems
  • The partnership between client and technology provider: recognizing the challenges and reaping the rewards
  • Project implementation: where vision and reality meet                                                            

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