Switzerland: From lab to commercial scale - bring your novel chemistry idea to life!

written at 28.07.2022
Developing new routes can be a long road full of challenges. Many ideas never graduate from the lab. If they do, designing a viable industrial-scale process can be just as challenging. A technology partner can be the key to successful full-scale implementation.

Ideas for new compounds or for greener routes to existing compounds abound. Successfully synthesizing the target molecule in the small scale usually comes only after a sustained longer-term effort during which many hurdles will have been overcome. Indeed, completing this step is a major milestone on the long path to commercializing an industrial scale production process. The subsequent step of developing a process around the chemistry can be just as complex and poses its own set of challenges.

For example, some techniques used in the lab may not be directly transferrable to the large scale. Perhaps some equipment used is not available in the larger size or maybe characteristics of the equipment make it challenging to scale up resulting in additional investments and delays.

Technology companies can be a valuable partner in this endeavor. Engaging such a company does involve external costs but their specialized knowledge and expertise can often significantly reduce time-to-market and ultimately result in lower development costs. Buss ChemTech’s focus is developing economically viable industrial scale processes for more difficult chemistries or for those that not much literature about the production process is available.

Our development team will review your chemistry, keeping in mind any specific aims, and design an efficient set of lab-scale tests that will develop the information necessary for a preliminary design the industrial scale plant. After analysis of the test data and verification of feasibility, our process engineering team will produce a conceptual design for the plant. Subsequent pilot-scale testing might then be required to verify performance and define the process guarantee values.

Buss Loop® Reactor technology is often the best choice for chemistries with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • mass-transfer limited
  • highly exothermic/endothermic
  • tight control of reaction conditions is critical
  • by-products present in the gas phase
  • requires flexible operating volume
  • consistent product quality needed

If you have a chemistry you wish to commercialize and are not certain how to take the next step, please contact Buss ChemTech’s Reaction Technology team. We’re here to assist!